Social Media Platforms Around The World

This part of the blog is about Social Media Platforms Around The world

Oh my god, there are so many great social media plat­forms you may nev­er have heard of. Every coun­try, every lan­guage and even some spe­cif­ic pop­u­la­tion groups have their own pref­er­ences when it comes to social media plat­forms. The biggest west­ern social media plat­forms are Face­book, Insta­gram, Twit­ter, YouTube, Pin­ter­est etc. but in oth­er coun­tries, the focus is on com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent plat­forms (e.g. Wei­bo, WeChat, KakaoTalk, and many others).
For a long time I’ve been work­ing on plat­form hack­ing. Over the time I got to know dif­fer­ent plat­forms and found some hacks and tricks for the dif­fer­ent social media plat­forms of this world, I want to share with you guys.

In this sec­tion you will get to know dif­fer­ent social media platforms.

To be able to ori­en­tate your­self bet­ter, I have sort­ed the plat­forms by coun­try of ori­gin or main usage area.

Let’s get started!


Social Media Platforms Around The World

Western Social Media Platforms:

Social Media Platforms in Asia:

Asia offers a big vari­ety of Social Media Plat­forms. Almost every coun­try uses it’s own Social Media Plat­forms. Let’s have a look at the most inter­est­ing plat­forms in Asia!