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Sit in the perfect office chair

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Sitting in a really comfortable office chair

When I start my morn­ings with my work, the first thing I do is fall into my abso­lut per­fect SIDIZ TN50 Office chair. I real­ly live this chair. When I sit in there, hours can pass by with­out me notic­ing I was sit­ting the whole day. I know it is not healthy to sit a long time, but at least, when I sit, I wat to sit healthy and comfortable.

This is why I decid­ed to rec­om­mend you guys a lit of office chairs, that suc­ceed in the cri­te­ria “helathy” and “com­fort­abe”.

In this guide you prob­a­bly will lear­rn more than you ever knew about office chairs, but your health (while hack­ing plat­forms) is a real con­cerne to me. So I am glad you found this guide!

Let’s see what office chairs we have, what cri­te­rias to look at and how to find your per­fect fit.


My picks for the best Office Chairs


Comparison Table of recommended Office Chairs

NameImagePriceSpe­cial­tyMate­r­i­alCol­orView Online
Allguest AG-876$$$Ergonom­ic high seat backBreath­able mash backBlackAma­zon
SIDIZ TN50 Stuhl Serie$$$With or with­out neck-restMesh, sol­idBlue/Grey/WhiteAma­zon
Flash Fun­da­men­tals$$High Seat backLeatherBlackAma­zon
BERLMAN Office Chair$$Ergonom­ic High Back Office Chair, Fold up ArmsBreath­able mesh backBlack/WhiteAma­zon
Flash Fur­ni­ture WA-3074-GN-A-GG$With or with­out armssol­idMany col­orsAma­zon
ZLHECTO Ergonom­ic Office Chair$Adjustable Height and Mesh Rock­ing BackBreath­able meshBlackAma­zon
Cedric Office Chair$$$Ergonom­ic, high back, adjustableMeshBlack/WhiteAma­zon
SIHOO Office Chair$$$Ergonom­ic, qui­et wheelsMeshBlackAma­zon
Mar­vel X Sidiz Spi­der-Man (T50 AIR) & Black Pan­ther (T50)$$$$Qui­et, Spiderman-DesignMeshBlack/red/blueAma­zon
Acethrone PC Gam­ing Chair$$$Design, qui­et wheelsMeshSilver/red/yellow/blueAma­zon
AKRac­ing Core Series SX Gam­ing — Chair$$$$Design, Lum­bar and head­rest sushionsSyn­thet­ic leatherPurple/red/greenAma­zon
Fur­max Office Chair$$High back seatLeatherWhite/blue/red/blackAma­zon
Ama­zon Basic Leather Office Chair$$Ama­zon’s ChoiceFaux LeatherBrown/black/whiteAma­zon
Flash Fun­da­men­tals Basic$With or with­out armsSol­idBlack/white/greyAma­zon
Super­jare Office Com­put­er Chair$$Adjustable HighFaux LeatherBlackAma­zon
Mysun­town Mid-Back Office Chair$$Adjustable HeightFaux LeatherBlackAma­zon
HON Lota mid-back Office Chair$$$Work Chair/ Leg ChairTex­tilBlue/GreyAma­zon
Boss Office Prod­ucts Ivy League$$$No wheels/ Leg chairLeather, WoodBlackAma­zon
Elecwish Office chair$$Leather Arm­restPlas­tic, Faux LeatherBlack/WhiteAma­zon


Why should you pay attention to your office chair

Ok maybe it is my thing, but I am real­ly con­cerned about health and well-being. If a seat is not healthy for my back, I do not real­ly want to sit in.

Stay healthy

A sen­si­bly select­ed, back-friend­ly office chair pre­vents unpleas­ant com­plaints, sup­ports the heal­ing process if nec­es­sary and also pays off economically:

The work is made eas­i­er and many tasks can be com­plet­ed more quickly.
Dis­tur­bances in the move­ment sequence are avoid­ed and reliev­ing or incor­rect pos­ture is reduced.
While ortho­pe­dic office chairs sup­port the heal­ing process, incor­rect­ly select­ed office chairs can cause con­sid­er­able dis­com­fort. It is there­fore impor­tant to choose the office chair that best meets your indi­vid­ual needs. Your per­son­al pref­er­ences, the type of work tasks you want to per­form and your peri­ods of stress are deci­sive for the selection.

Stay motivated

A nice office chair seems invit­ing and com­fort­ing. If you have a long day of work it can be very moti­vat­ing in the morn­ing to sit down on a chair you love. Noth­ing is worse than to sit down to work on a chair you do not like.

Introduce Rituals

My office chair is part of my morn­ing rit­u­al. If I get up in the morn­ing, some­times, I direct­ly start to work, even before break­fast. If this is the case my office chair is (after my bed and a cozy pullover) the first thing I touch and use in the morn­ing. Luck­i­ly I real­ly like my office chair. If my office chair would be a chair I do not like, my morn­ings would be instant­ly bad. So my good, pro­duc­tive morn­ing rit­u­al starts with my office chair 😀

Office Chairs: Finding the Perfect Fit

When buy­ing your office chair, also con­sid­er the fol­low­ing aspects:Use this short check­list for your indi­vid­ual, ergonom­ic furnishing

  • The cas­tors should be select­ed to match the hard­ness of the floor.
  • Cov­ers and uphol­stery must feel com­fort­able and be easy to maintain.
  • Remov­able cov­ers or replace­able uphol­stery can be cleaned eas­i­ly and replaced at a low­er cost.
  • All levers of your new office chair must be easy to reach while seat­ed, easy to oper­ate and, if pos­si­ble, be marked with pictograms.
  • An easi­ly under­stand­able instruc­tion man­u­al must be available.
  • Seal of qual­i­ty and test marks: Office chairs must have the GS mark of approval in Ger­many. This means that they meet the min­i­mum legal require­ments of the Ger­man Equip­ment and Prod­uct Safe­ty Act. There are also a num­ber of addi­tion­al qual­i­ty seals that assess cer­tain indi­vid­ual aspects. DIN stan­dard 4551 describes the design of office swiv­el chairs with an inte­grat­ed back­rest with pen­du­lum bearings.
  • Ser­vice of the spe­cial­ist shop, pay atten­tion to these features:
    — Expert advice
    — Instruc­tion for cor­rect use
    — Pro­vi­sion of test chairs
    — Cus­tomer ser­vice beyond the sale
    — Repair service
  • Ser­vice of the man­u­fac­tur­er, pay atten­tion to these features:
    — Mod­i­fi­ca­tions and retro­fitting of the office chair are pos­si­ble: for exam­ple gas spring, neck sup­port, armrests
    — Long war­ran­ty peri­ods and com­pre­hen­sive war­ran­ty services

When bor­row­ing test chairs, please note that the new chair will only work prop­er­ly if the table height is cor­rect. If you try it out on your pre­vi­ous desk with the wrong table height, it will not be able to devel­op its potential.

Which Office Chair to buy

I bet that with these tips you will find the per­fect office chair. The most impor­tant thing is the com­fort and how healthy the chair is for your pos­ture. For me, it was hard to find the per­fect chair, I had to try a lot of chairs before final­ly decide on one chair. But it was total­ly worth it.

Now let’s have a look at some office chairs I total­ly can rec­om­mend. They are all test­ed by myself, and I am very crit­i­cal with the office chairs ;D

I know not all peo­ple are crit­i­cal with a chair, so I decid­ed to list them by price. First let’s have a look at the less expen­sive office chairs.

The less Expensive Office Chairs

Less expen­sive office chairs are easy to find. The not often offer the com­fort more expen­sive chairs do, but the ful­fill the need. I checked for you guys the less expen­sive offie chairs and came up with these two chairs, that will total­ly fill all needs.

The Flash Fundamentals High Back Leather Soft-Padded Office Chair

This chair offers all fun­der­man­tels. It is com­fort­able, the mecanics are easy to use and you have a lot of space to move around. The Leader is soft-ped­ded so you total­ly sink in the chair, which is very com­fo­rat­ble. The wheels are a bit slow, but total­ly fine.

Flash Fun­damet­als High Back Office Chair

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The Furmax Office Chair

The sec­ond chair I like to rec­om­mend, is the Fur­max Office Chair. This Chair is very basic, but I am sure it is a good choice for a low bud­get. Very cool is, you can get this chair in dif­fer­ent col­ors, so it can fit in the room, although the col­ors are very neon style…

The Fur­max Office Chair

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The professional (and more expensive) Office chairs

Ok let’s ge to the more expen­sive office chairs. BUT with the cost also increase the qual­i­ty. Ok like I already said, I have a SIDIZ Tn50 Office Chair (wich is already a bit more expen­sive), but I found three more amaz­ing chairs I high­ly recommend.


 The Cedric Office Chair

This chair is very ergonom­ic and gives you a lote of space for move­ment. It has very qui­et wheels and through its lean design it fits very good in any room. You can adjust the neck-rest, what is very com­fort­able. The back is made of breath­able mesh and a good choice if you plan to stick on your work and desk, even in sum­mer and the warm weath­er outside.

The Cedric Office Chair

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The SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

This Chair is very good to sit straight in a good pos­ture. It offers a breath­able mesh at the back, so work­ing dur­ing sum­mer is no prob­lem. Also you have a prod­uct war­ran­ty of one year, so if it does not fit you can get your mon­ey easly back.

The SIHOO Office Chair

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The HON Lota Mid-Back

This Chair offers a mid-back. This can be very com­fort­able to sup­port the under-back. I real­ly like the col­ors the offer plus I real­ly noticed the high qual­i­ty wheels.


The HON LotaMid-Back Office Chair

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Office Chairs without Wheels

There are a cou­ple of office chairs/Desk Chairs with­out wheels. Per­son­naly I pre­fair the office chairs with wheels, but I also know some­times they are annoy­ing, for exam­ple when scratch­ing the floor. Often this is due to low qual­i­ty wheels, but how­ev­er I under­stand peo­ple pre­fair­ing office chairs with no wheels. So in the fol­low­ing you will find a short list of office chairs with­out wheels.


How to choose the Best Office Chair for you

So by here you have read a lot about office chairs and it is time to choose yours. In gen­er­al you should choose your office chair regard­ing these four criterias:

  • Size : You definit­ly should fit in the chair. If pos­si­ble choose the office desk after you have choosen a chair. This way you can focus on a right pos­ture instead of the fit between the chair and the desk.
  • Com­fort : Definit­ly choose a chair you feel com­fort­ed in.
  • Activ­i­ty : Do you move a lot while work­ing? Than you should con­sid­er a chair with very flex­i­ble mech­a­nism and wheels. If you do not move, focus on posture.
  • Spe­cial Fit : By spe­cial fit is meant extras, like the neck-rest, the arms and so on. If you do have spe­cial needs in a chair, choose them as criterias.

Adjustment: Adaptation to body dimensions

An ergonom­ic office chair can be opti­mal­ly adjust­ed to your body dimen­sions. Your com­pe­tent spe­cial­ist advi­sor in the spe­cial­ist shop is very famil­iar with this and will help you with the adjust­ment in the shop. How­ev­er, the most impor­tant points are list­ed here once again for you.

The Seat height

Adjust the seat height so that your thigh forms a line slight­ly slop­ing towards your knee. In this sit­ting posi­tion, the office chair should still have room for adjust­ment both upwards and down­wards. Also make sure that the seat depth spring­ing is suf­fi­cient to cush­ion your body weight when sit­ting down.

The Seat depth and Seating Area

Sit on the chair with secure con­tact to the back­rest and then check whether three or four fin­gers held cross­wise between the back of the knee and the front edge of the seat fit between them. This way the seat depth is cor­rect­ly adjust­ed. Depend­ing on body size and weight, dif­fer­ent seat sizes are rec­om­mend­ed. The selec­tion is made accord­ing to your sub­jec­tive feeling.

The Seat back

The back­rest must fit you in size and shape. Pay atten­tion to your sub­jec­tive feel­ing. To be able to stretch back­wards, the upper part of the back­rest should not be too wide and should be round­ed at the back. A mov­able sus­pen­sion is also an advan­tage. Test this by stretch­ing your arms upwards and then lean­ing back. The back­rest should not hin­der you in this.

Each back­rest offers a so-called lum­bar sup­port, i.e. its low­er part is curved for­ward. This lum­bar sup­port can either be adjust­ed in height inde­pen­dent­ly or by adjust­ing the height of the entire back­rest. The lum­bar sup­port must pro­vide a com­fort­able, eas­i­ly felt and straight­en­ing support.

Depend­ing on the shape and sub­jec­tive sen­sa­tion, the lum­bar sup­port can be locat­ed in the inward­ly curved area of the low­er spine or slight­ly low­er on the bony ili­ac crest. The adjust­ment at the ili­ac crest, approx­i­mate­ly at the lev­el of your belt, is more sen­si­ble from an orthopaedic point of view.

The Arms

When pur­chas­ing a new office chair, you should choose arm­rests that are adjustable in height and width and can thus be opti­mal­ly adjust­ed to you. The size is also deci­sive: when rolling up with the office chair to a table, the bel­ly should first hit the edge of the table and not the armrests.

Here again the most impor­tant cri­te­ria for arm­rests at a glance:

  • Height adjust­ment: The shoul­ders must be relieved with­out being pushed upwards — towards the ears.
  • Width adjust­ment: Accord­ing to the width of the shoul­ders, so that the arms do not have to be spread apart or squeezed by the armrests.
  • Size: Too long arm­rests pre­vent the arms from rolling close to the edge of the desk. Dain­ty peo­ple must pay par­tic­u­lar atten­tion to short or recessed armrests.
  • Sta­bil­i­ty: Arm­rests are often used to pro­vide sup­port when stand­ing up.

The Neck-rest

Whether you sup­port the head or the neck is ulti­mate­ly only up to your feel­ing — the main thing is that it is com­fort­able. But please note: A neck or head sup­port must be adjustable to your body pro­por­tions both in height and depth and must be com­fort­able in shape. I do not rec­om­mend non-adjustable head or neck rests.

The Office Chair’s mechanism and movement concept

Office chair mech­a­nisms can be divid­ed into three groups.

Per­ma­nent mech­a­nism: The seat is rigid and the back­rest moves when lean­ing back. This tech­nol­o­gy is out­dat­ed and is hard­ly sold anymore.
Syn­chro­nous mech­a­nism: When lean­ing back, the back­rest moves first and then, with a lit­tle delay, the seat. This is the most com­mon mech­a­nism, but almost every man­u­fac­tur­er has its own name for it.
Oth­er mech­a­nisms: These include fur­ther devel­op­ments of the syn­chro­nous mech­a­nism and com­plete­ly new approach­es such as Bioswing or Swopper.

There is a wide range of dif­fer­ent mech­a­nisms for office chairs, but unfor­tu­nate­ly I can­not present them all here in detail. How­ev­er, a pure descrip­tion of a mech­a­nism makes lit­tle sense, because only by com­par­ing them in real life can you per­ceive the dif­fer­ent move­ment sequences and feel which mech­a­nism is best for you. This is where good expert advice is par­tic­u­lar­ly valuable.

Tip: Rely com­plete­ly on your feel­ing when it comes to the mechan­ics and try out many dif­fer­ent sit­ting posi­tions. The eas­i­er and more uncon­scious­ly these changes are pos­si­ble, the better.

Basically, the body in a seated working position needs both: support and movement.

Every move­ment is bet­ter than none, so a mech­a­nism should nev­er be locked. There are, how­ev­er, mech­a­nisms that tend to sta­bi­lize and those that tend to mobi­lize. What is bet­ter depends on per­son­al pref­er­ences and the way of work­ing. Exist­ing com­plaints and reha­bil­i­ta­tion mea­sures must also be tak­en into account in the selec­tion. A good con­sul­ta­tion is indis­pens­able here.

It must be pos­si­ble to adjust the strength of each mech­a­nism exact­ly to your weight, so that changes between your sit­ting posi­tions are effort­less and imperceptible.

Ask your expert advi­sor about dif­fer­ent mechan­i­cal con­cepts and test them exten­sive­ly. But first, both the chair and the mechan­ics must be adjust­ed for you. When adjust­ing the mech­a­nism, make sure that you do not fall back­wards when lean­ing back (too soft set­ting) and that no effort is required when mov­ing from back to cen­tre or even stretch­ing your head for­ward (too hard setting).

When test­ing, pay par­tic­u­lar atten­tion to which mech­a­nism will best hold you upright while leav­ing you room to move com­fort­ably. Do not buy an office chair with a mech­a­nism that is not real­ly con­vinc­ing and test your favorite mech­a­nism with a loan chair at your own workplace.

Why It’s Worth Investing in a Good Office Chair

For me, my SIDIZ TN50 Office Chair changed my life. I feel moti­vat­ed to sit in the chair and work (some­times I even eat in it). I nev­er had such a good pos­ture while work­ing and I nev­er loved a chair that much.

Have you ever felt like this for a chair? If yes, I definit­ly want to know, which chair do you have such feel­ings for. Leave a com­ment below.

Per­son­al­ly, I am just hap­py I made the deci­sion to invest in a more expen­sive, but abso­lut worth it, office chair.

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