Know-How Sources

Know-How Sources

I’m sure you agree, that know-how is the most valu­able thing you can have in any busi­ness. The same goes for plat­form-hack­ing as well. 

Plat­forms are all dig­i­tal. The thing in the dig­i­tal world is, that things change fast. You have to be flex­i­ble, know how to learn new things and adapt quick­ly. This is the rea­son why, you can’t stop learn­ing when work­ing in the dig­i­tal world. 

As I am con­stant­ly search­ing for new knowl­edge, I want to share with you my most valu­able know-how sources. These con­sist in books, online cours­es, webi­na­rs and sem­i­nars. I also have friends, col­leagues and men­tors in dif­fer­ent areas of my life of which I also get a lot of wis­dom — and I am so grate­ful for that. 

In this blog sec­tion I want to share with you some great cours­es, books and oth­er sources of which I learned a lot for lit­tle money. 

I am also always grate­ful for a good book rec­om­men­da­tions, so feel free to leave me a hint in the com­ment section 😉

My Best Book Recommendations

In this part you will dis­cov­er my most recent book recommendations.

Also, feel free to con­nect with me on goodreads. You’ll find my pro­file here.

Online Courses Recommendations

I want to share with you some great cours­es I attend­ed. In my rec­om­men­da­tion list for online cours­es you’ll find cours­es on:

  • Social Media (Mar­ket­ing)
  • Self-Pub­lish­ing
  • Plat­form Closing
  • Online Mar­ket­ing Know How
  • Mind­set courses
  • Busi­ness class­es (Strat­e­gy, Busi­ness Mod­els and Leadership)

Nice Webinars and Seminars I recommend

I often vis­it local sem­i­nar in my native lan­guage. On my blog I only want to rec­om­mend inter­na­tion­al sem­i­nars, since a lot of my read­ers come from dif­fer­ent coun­tries. So you’ll find some rec­om­men­da­tions on big inter­na­tion­al sem­i­nars (often a bit expen­sive), but a vis­it worth.

I also rec­om­mend you a list of webi­na­rs to all kind of top­ics I attend­ed. Webi­na­rs are like lec­tures online, often for free. Go check on them, you might find some­thing inter­est­ing among my list 🙂