How to find Influencer (KOLs) on WeChat

Influencers on WeChat

Influ­encers (named Key Opin­ion Leader (KOLs) in Chi­na) have a high pri­or­i­ty in the Chi­nese mar­ket. Their main task is to pro­mote “offi­cial accounts”, con­tent or cam­paigns. Influ­encers are char­ac­ter­ized by their own fol­low­ers, there­fore, influ­encers can have a big impact on brand aware­ness, the acqui­si­tion of new fol­low­ers and the cred­i­bil­i­ty and authen­tic­i­ty of a brand.

Which influ­encers are eli­gi­ble for coop­er­a­tion depends on the posi­tion­ing of the free­lance experts. They have very indi­vid­ual pro­files and define them­selves through their areas of exper­tise, top­ics, num­ber of fol­low­ers and per­son­al­i­ty type. Coop­er­a­tions with influ­encers only makes sense if all char­ac­ter­is­tics match the core of the brand.


Prices and payment

The influ­encers for WeChat are gen­er­al­ly a bit more expen­sive than their col­leagues on Wei­bo. A micro-influ­encer on WeChat costs between 475 and 2,370 USD per arti­cle. The big influ­encers with large fol­low­er num­bers issue sig­nif­i­cant­ly high­er bills. Most pop­u­lar influ­encers charge between 12,000 and 79,000 USD per deal. The amount of their fees depends on how much con­tent an influ­encer must cre­ate. If he only needs to write a giv­en text, the effort for him is of course much less than if he has to write an “authen­tic” con­tri­bu­tion himself.

In Chi­na, it is com­mon prac­tice to pay the fees direct­ly after the nego­ti­a­tion. That means before the influ­encer has even start­ed to do any­thing. Usu­al­ly, influ­encers are paid with­out an invoice or receipt. If these receipts are required, they are part of the nego­ti­a­tion. In gen­er­al, a 10% ser­vice charge is added for issu­ing an offi­cial invoice.


How to find Influencers for WeChat?

There is no offi­cial direc­to­ry for influ­encers who are active on WeChat. If you are look­ing for an adver­tis­ing part­ner, there are three ways to find a suit­able influencer:


WeChat native search

If you change the search fil­ter of WeChat to “offi­cial accounts only” and then enter key­words for the desired top­ic, WeChat will dis­play a list of the accounts in ques­tion. These can now be con­tact­ed individually.


Influencers on search engines

Advanced mar­keters use an Influ­encer search engine. Here, search engines such as Sougou Search Engine for WeChat, Robin8, NewRank or are a good choice. Users can use fil­ters to search for influ­encers, key­words, and cat­e­gories to find rel­e­vant data and prices. The select­ed influ­encers can then be contacted.

Search ads can be adver­tised on the PARKLU plat­form, where brands post their ten­ders for coop­er­a­tions, to which the influ­encers then apply.


Influencer agencies

The eas­i­est and most expen­sive option is to hire an agency to search for an influ­encer. There are three major influ­encer agen­cies in Chi­na. They are called Louis Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, Gushan Cul­ture, and Yax­i­an Adver­tis­ing. Besides these three big ones, there are sev­er­al small agen­cies. All in all, they make it much eas­i­er to find a safe con­tract partner.


Have you ever worked with Influ­encers in Chi­na? What was your expe­ri­ence? Let’s share some stories!

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