E‑Commerce on WeChat

With­in WeChat exist dif­fer­ent mod­els to inte­grate E‑Commerce. This is very use­ful, espe­cial­ly regard­ing the func­tions of WeChat Pay. Let’s have a quick view on how E‑Commerce is inte­grat­ed on WeChat.

WeChat Stores

I have already briefly men­tioned that com­pa­nies can open their stores in the WeChat empire via their account. Com­pa­nies that open such a store have their app with­in the WeChat app. Cus­tomers can access these stores by click­ing on the link to the store on the com­pa­ny’s home­page. If the cus­tomers want to shop, they first go to the “Pro­file” page of the retail com­pa­ny and can find out about cur­rent trends and offers. If they now want to buy this prod­uct, they click into the store and there on the prod­uct. In the last step, they pay for the prod­uct with the WeChat Wal­let. For this process, cus­tomers only remain in the WeChat social media app. They do not even have to leave it.

Influ­encers and indi­vid­u­als also can open their stores via their “Sub­scrip­tion Account” where they can pay with WeChat Pay.


Cards and Coupons

This fea­ture allows ven­dors and brand own­ers to dis­trib­ute cards and coupons to their cus­tomers. This offer is used for mem­ber­ship cards, pre­paid cards, coupons or vouch­ers. These pro­mo­tion­al cards are then sent direct­ly to cus­tomers as mes­sages. They can also be dis­trib­uted via arti­cles, menus, auto­mat­ic mes­sages, H5 pages, exter­nal part­ner apps, offline, as QR codes and via WeChat Shake. The pos­si­bil­i­ties for mar­keters are almost unlim­it­ed here. The Chi­nese love mar­ket­ing. Espe­cial­ly with these coupons, they can live out this pas­sion to their heart’s content.

Users can save their cards and coupons in their WeChat account. There is a sep­a­rate area for this, called “Cards&Offers”. The app sends out time­ly noti­fi­ca­tions before a coupon expires. Some cards and coupons can also be shared with friends. This fea­ture is espe­cial­ly inter­est­ing for mer­chants who want to cre­ate viral­i­ty with their campaign.


WeChat Brand Zone

The Brand Zone has been avail­able on WeChat since Decem­ber 2017. It is also a fea­ture with a search func­tion. With this func­tion, a brand name can be entered as a key­word in the search bar. The first two results show the brand’s WeChat store and its lat­est col­lec­tion, the sec­ond result shows the brand’s offi­cial account page. In this way, traf­fic can be gen­er­at­ed for the brand on both channels.

The Chi­nese love WeChat Pay and it is very wide­spread. The intro­duc­tion of WeChat Pay has tak­en online mar­ket­ing to a new lev­el. Cus­tomers can now pay for their pur­chas­es direct­ly from the app makes it essen­tial for retail­ers and the pri­vate labels to be present on WeChat. WeChat not only changes the way goods are paid for but also the def­i­n­i­tion of a social media platform.

And this is how E‑commerce can be inte­grat­ed in WeChat. Let me know what ever is run­ning to your mind on this sub­ject, in the com­ments down below!

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