Advertisement Formats on WeChat

Advertisement on WeChat

WeChat is Chi­na’s largest mar­ket­ing plat­form. Nev­er­the­less Adver­tise­ment on WeChat is a bit spe­cial. Since the Chi­nese con­sumer mar­ket is very young in two respects (con­sumers are young, but the mass mar­ket is only a few years old), Chi­nese con­sumers react to adver­tise­ments twice as often as in a glob­al comparison.

WeChat is prob­a­bly the chan­nel of choice for every mar­keter, but the plat­form is far from being freely acces­si­ble to all com­pa­nies. The “offi­cial accounts” are sub­ject to strict con­trols. It is con­trolled by which com­pa­ny and from which indus­try it comes, demands access to the Chi­nese dig­i­tal mar­ket. Only com­pa­nies with ver­i­fied accounts and from approved indus­tries are allowed to apply for per­mis­sion to place ads.

WeChat cur­rent­ly offers two adver­tis­ing for­mats: the Moments Ads and the Account Ads. (We also gonna see a third Ad For­mat for the WeChat Mini Pro­grams, but these are not real­ly Ads appear­ing in the App WeChat itself…).


Moments Ads

The Moments page is very sim­i­lar to Face­book. Face­book also has pages and feeds. The Moments allows a user to share sta­tus, pho­tos, arti­cles, and links with his WeChat con­tacts. The ads in this cat­e­go­ry look like reg­u­lar Moments Post, except that a “spon­sored” tag appears in the upper right corner.

Moments Ads can be used to pro­mote “Offi­cial Accounts”, cam­paigns, engage­ments, vouch­ers, “local pro­mo­tions” or down­loads. For the Moments Ads, the adver­tis­er can tar­get the audi­ence by gen­der, age, loca­tion, indus­try, sta­tus, edu­ca­tion lev­el, etc.

Moments Ads are billed accord­ing to the CPM (Cost per Mille) cost mod­el. The adver­tis­er pays per 1,000 impres­sions. The min­i­mum adver­tis­ing bud­get is 1,000 RMB/day (this cor­re­sponds to a CPM of 158 USD).

Moments Ads are suit­able for well-known brands with visu­al­ly appeal­ing products.


Account Ads

Account Ads appear in the account of a user. Cur­rent­ly, there are three dif­fer­ent types of Account Ads:

  • Foot­er ads.
  • Video Ads and
  • Exchange Ads

Just like the Moments Ads, the Account Ads can be used to pro­mote pro­mo­tions, offi­cial accounts, cam­paigns, down­loads, etc. Fur­ther­more, account ads allow you to pro­mote brand­ed prod­ucts direct­ly from your WeChat stores. In this way, users are direct­ly direct­ed to the brand’s WeChat store by click­ing on the ad. Account Ads are suit­able for brands with active e‑commerce activ­i­ties because they can lead vis­i­tors direct­ly to their own WeChat store via ads.


Mini Program Ads

A new fea­ture for mini pro­grams in the WeChat ecosys­tem has recent­ly been added. Now brands can also offer ad spaces near “mini pro­grams”. This fea­ture is cur­rent­ly still in the test phase, so no offi­cial infor­ma­tion on prices and places has been pub­lished yet.

When users acti­vate the “Mini Pro­grams Near­by” fea­ture, they are shown a list of Mini Pro­grams based on their loca­tion. With the new WeChat Mini Pro­grams ad fea­ture, brands can now bid on adver­tis­ing space on this list.

The Mini Pro­grams are also dis­played when cer­tain key­words such as “hotel” are entered via the search function.

Ok guys, now you know which Ad For­mats we have on WeChat. Hope this arti­cle helped you. Leave a com­ment below if you have any remarks or questions!

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