Ok Guys, Hi there to all my Platform-Hackers!

Do you know platform-hacking?

platform-hackingHave you ever heard about Face­book? Haha, sure you did. Face­book is the most famous Social Media Plat­form in the world. But actu­al­ly, it’s just one of the many plat­forms out there.

I am Nora, and this is my Blog on Plat­form-hack­ing. I wel­come you and invite you to trav­el with me through the world by vis­it­ing and hack­ing as many as pos­si­ble amaz­ing plat­forms out there.

What do I mean by hacking?

Well, most of the Plat­forms are dri­ven by algo­rithms. To be suc­cess­ful or not on a plat­form depends on how well you can dri­ve the plat­for­m’s algo­rithms. By the cor­rect use, some plat­forms can bring aware­ness, addi­tion­al income, new cus­tomers, con­tacts, friends or fur­ther inspi­ra­tions and feed­back from your tar­get group.

Depend­ing on your select­ed goal, the cor­rect plat­form hacked can let you achieve your goal.

I am fas­ci­nat­ed by hack­ing the plat­for­m’s algo­rithms and achieve set goals. I know it sounds like a nerdy under­ground hob­by, but you’d be sur­prised how detailed you can dri­ve the out­put of a plat­form by dri­ving its algo­rithms. So let me show you how to hack plat­forms, and how to sell big. Find out more about me and what this blog can do for you!


Yeah, Tell Me More!


So many platforms out there

There are so many amaz­ing plat­forms out there. To give you a quick glaze at it, I found this real­ly amaz­ing graph­ic, show­ing all sorts of plat­forms cat­e­go­rized by its use. Did you know about all these Platforms?

platform-hacking: All amazing Platforms that could be hacked



Starting with platform-hacking

To cat­e­go­rize the plat­forms I came up with dif­fer­ent for­mats of Series. Check them out and let’s start to hack platforms!